Bowling Equipment and Embroidery

Big Vinny's Pro Shop and Embroidery
Norm Gianussa - Owner
Daniel Sanchez - Manager
Inside Downstairs - (253) 852-3550

Computers, Electronics, and Recycling

Michael Tobin - Owner
Inside Upstairs - (253) 639-5930

The Junk Food Junction and Passports Pub

Passports Pub
Dennis Zaborac - Owner
Serving Lunch and Dinner Seven Days a Week
(253) 852-3550

Coffee, Espresso, and Snacks

Bri's Beans
Brianna Franks - Owner
Outside South Parking Lot
(253) 652-7207
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Authentic Local Taqueria Mexicana

El Pollo Rey
Olga Fuentes - Owner Send Us an Email
Outside North Parking Lot
(253) 518-5401
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Anything about Pull Tabs, Food, & Bevarage, P.O.S. Systems

Tab Wizard
Rob Perry - Owner
Outside Downstairs Entrance
(253) 856-1945